OUTDATED: This information is currently outdated with the latest release of the site! Look for updates soon!

GeekCred Online Game Signup Site (GOGSS)

The GOGSS system is here to help you and your Group post and sign up for D&D Adventure League games easily. With GOGSS, you can:

Click on a tag to see some of the benefits provided by the system.

Group Stuff

Set up and define a new Open or Closed Group (Private groups in development). Closed groups require all members be approved in order to join.

  • Choose an existing public location, or set up a new public or private location for your group.
  • Define a local group - Open or Closed, private will be set up soon.
  • Post simple news items.
  • Manage Members.
    • Set member levels.
    • Appoint DMs, or allow anyone to post a game.
  • Add your group's image.
  • View group statistics.
    • Number of games DMed by whom.
    • See number of attendees on a given day.
    • See how popular a particular module is.

Player Stuff

Track your players and their information and slot them into games.

  • Put in and track your basic player information.
  • Upload a character image.
  • Track your sessions.
    • See rewards from the DM.
    • Enter your own data or notes.
    • See session comments from games you played in.
  • Quick-create new characters as you join a game.
  • See the upcoming games you are participating in.
  • Leave group comments or news comments.
  • See a list of upcoming games and the number of slots left.

DMs Stuff

Set up games, allocate players, assign rewards (XP, gold, etc)

  • Create new sessions for players to join up.
    • Shared module descriptions, information is auto-associated to your game.
    • Add additional information (e.g. Part 2).
    • Assign multiple DMs for a session.
    • Assign a maximum number of slots for the session.
    • Allow or disallow stand-bys for each session. Stan-bys are auto-slotted into game based on order of signup.
  • Session Control.
    • Approve, Reject or Standby players.
    • Check-in players and DMs on game day.
    • Assign XP. gold, downtime, renown, notes, items for all players or each player.
    • View and print player and character information before the game.
  • Player checked-in electronically are reported to the stores via the reporting module.

Store Stuff

Get DCI #s Reports for games played in your store.

  • See how many tables are needed and when.
  • Location Admins can report on players who were checked in electronically.
    • See DCI #s, with the ability to copy them to the clipboard and paste into the WER application.
    • Mark off players reported to the WER system.