6/29/2022 12:53:13 PM - Isaiah
I was think about running a tier 4 campaign so that Stinkus may truely become the god of stink. And I would like to know if anyone else was interested?
Laser Ranger - 7/1/2022 9:45:47 PM

i am with this

Fenrir - 7/1/2022 3:17:25 PM

depending on what day it is, I would be available to play tier 4

Sean C. - 6/29/2022 2:08:33 PM

Sounds fun!

Isaiah - 6/29/2022 12:53:33 PM


Paul - 6/29/2022 1:39:28 PM
I'd be down.
6/24/2022 5:46:47 PM - Kronk
What is masters? How are so many people playing in it?
Nichole - 6/24/2022 7:19:07 PM

Last season, AL rules separated the main campaigns into a few groups. The group that the epic we are running for Free RPG day come from was called The Masters Campaign.

6/15/2022 3:41:00 PM - Lawt Sindey
This is Chris. I have been DM'ing the tier 1 table. My car is down and out and I will not be able to make it tonight. I know that some players said they would be returning tonight and a couple of them are new.
Nichole - 6/16/2022 6:36:15 PM

Hi Chris! I ran for the new table last night! Thanks for letting us know, sorry I didn't see it sooner!